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You already know what Github is and what it is useful for, but in this lesson we'll learn the true power this tool has for collaboration and team work. One of the most interesting functionalities we can find on Github is Fork and PRs (Pull Requests)


Fork is the same as clone a project, this functionality clones a repository we want into our Github account.

Pull Request (PR)

This functionality allows us to make contributions to Github projects, check the Pull Request basic workflow:

  1. First we need to fork the project we want to contribute to.
  2. Once we have forked it, we can modify it, make the changes we want and commit them.
  3. We create a PR (Pull Request), we just need to choose which branch of the original project we want to modify, we can add a description or explanation about why our PR should be accepted.
  4. One of the admins of the original project will review the PR and in case it gets approved, your changes will be merged into the branch you selected when creating the PR.

It does not matter if you still don't understand the process, check the video and with a little bit of practice you will understand everything. The following are some links that you can use to deep more about this topic.

Useful Github links

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