Did you know you can create a web presence on Github?. GitHub Pages is GitHub’s free website hosting services and supports front-end files. You can host your own personal website or project website. With a personal site you can showcase your code portfolio and with a project site you can spin up a website to help promote your open source projects. In this lesson, you will learn how to push up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, and have a published site within minutes using GitHub pages.

You already know what Github is and what it is useful for, but in this lesson we'll learn the true power this tool has for collaboration and team work. One of the most interesting functionalities we can find on Github is Fork and PRs (Pull Requests) Fork Fork is the same as clone a project, this functionality clones a repository we want into our Github account. Pull Request (PR) This functionality allows us to make contributions to Github projects, check the Pull Request basic workflow:

We now know all the basics to deal with remote repositories, but actually the best meaning of "remote" when talking about git, is a repository on the cloud, or stored somewhere else instead of your own pc, for these reason exist websites to host your remote repositories. The most popular option to host your repositories is Github, in this video we'll show you some of the key features of Github and how to push your local repositories.


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